Best and affordable gadgets to bring for your summer’s getaway.

best place to buy gadget for this summer's getaway

Have you ever planned yet your top gadget to bring for your summer’s getaway. Have you ever think about the best and priority gadgets for your summer’s vacation.

This coming week, you will be enjoying the longest weekend ever. Many of us have planned to traveled across the country to enjoy summer’s getaway. Maybe, some of you guys looking forward to go in China, Singapore, Hongkong, or even London. Well, I guess it’s time and ready to go, and must packed all gadgets you need it.

Planning to enjoy summer’s getaway is the most important part on every traveler. It is about which are the priority things to bring in order to maximize your things during your travel, and to avoid hassle when you are in about to less your expenses in baggage.

Here are some tips to prioritize what gadgets to bring.

Canon A2500 16.0 Megapixel Point and Shoot Camera Red – Use only the slim camera, if you’re not really a photographer, it is suggested to bring a small one as long as the specs of the camera is high-quality.

KingCom KM C111 Flash Disk Drive 16GB Blue – Bring this to have a back up storage for all photos.

Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi E5336 3G White – Also, bring some Wi-Fi Connection as your back up, because some of your activity are usually in a province, so you better have this in order to upload and to update your facebook or any social media.

Lephone CooMax L1 5000mAh-White (For Mobile) – This is the most important, because you have to charge you gadget with your powerbank, especially your smartphone.

Jazz C725 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet –  Bring this, so you can be updated your Facebook, Twitter or any social media networks.


Enjoy your trip.

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